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Location always was and always will be the most important feature of a property. If you are in the right location, you can command higher prices for your rentals without having to do much else.


Great tenants look for a property that is close to their employment, as well as grocery stores, restaurants, and community parks. It’s all about lifestyle quality, and a great tenant is often willing to pay more or overlook less desirable aspects of the rental unit if the property is in a great neighbourhood.



Along with location, a high-quality tenant might consider the area’s schools. For tenants with school-aged children, local schools are a major priority. Every parent wants the best for their children, and a quality education is at the top of many parents’ list.  


The relevance of the simple digits of a postcode becomes much more evident if you have your eye on getting your child in to one particular school.  That’s because choosing a home within the borders of a popular catchment area can be vital to ensuring that your child has the best chance at winning the education lottery.



Transport links are important for would-be tenants, but what these look like will depend on the location of your property.  So consider bus routes, local stations and cycle paths and make sure you promote these to perspective tenants.



Even though many landlords don’t allow their tenants to decorate, décor is actually fairly low down the list for tenants. They’re more interested in the property being clean when they move in.  A grimy property doesn’t appeal to anyone, so keeping yours clean and clutter-free is important when you’re looking to rent it out.



Modern fixtures and fittings tend to go down well with tenants, but if you own a period property then the kind of tenants you’re likely to attract will generally prefer the fixtures and fittings to match.


Whether you're renting an apartment to couples or a house to families, everyone requires storage space in their rental home.


Basic necessities in any property include a telephone line and internet access, tenants may ask about the internet speed they can expect before committing to a property.  Millennial tenants have grown up online so equipping a property with high-speed wireless internet is a necessity.  Tenants are also impressed if a property offers Sky TV, underfloor heating, a dishwasher or other modern gadgets and appliances.   


Outdoor space

Low maintenance outdoor space and a garage are general requirements from tenants, but of course, this is all very much dependent on available space and location of the property.


For renters with cars, parking is incredibly important in a rental. Off-street parking is even more desirable. Being able to provide the tenant a spot in the driveway or in a garage will help get the unit rented quickly.



Knowing that maintenance issues will be seen to at speed is another essential requirement, at Pure we have dedicated staff members for tenants to contact should they have issues with the maintenance of the property.  


Contact us now on, 01603 618618 for any questions around finding the best tenant for your property.

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