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Spring is an important season for home maintenance, hence why it’s called “Spring Cleaning”.  During spring, the most important part of your property you need to check is the exterior as your property has just gone through winter and now needs to be prepped for summer.  

37 percent of Brits now spend more time in their garden than five years ago and outdoor space is becoming increasingly more popular and in demand.  In fact, studies have shown that the right garden can add anywhere between 5 to 20 percent to a property’s value. Research has also shown that the top three features to boost a property’s value is a decent sized shed, a well-kept patio and secure fencing, so upkeep on the exterior of your home is essential.  A poorly kept garden can have a negative impact on the saleability of your home, but it isn’t recommended to make radical changes to your garden and it is often best to keep the garden minimalistic as it will help potential purchasers envision themselves living there.

Here are some things you should look at in spring:

-          Clean out gutters.  The gutters have likely accumulated leaves throughout autumn and winter which will be blocking the water flow.

-          Clear dead plants and shrubs.  The beginning of spring is the best time to do this as plants will now begin sprouting and growing, including weeds.  Checking your garden over and clearing away dead plants and weeds will help ensure your garden looks great throughout spring and summer.

-          Cut / trim trees, plants and hedges.  These will most likely grow massively over spring, so it’s best to clear them now!

-          Inspect the exterior of your home.  Check for any chipping pain, damage from winter (especially with all the strong winds and storms we had over winter) and you could / should also check over the roof for any damage or missing tiles (you will most likely need the help of a processional

-          Re-stain fencing.   Re-staining your fencing will help give your garden a fresh, clean look in time for summer, when you will be spending most of your time outside.

-          Inspect driveway and pathways.  All the excess water over winter can cause damage and lift paving slabs.

Internally you may want to:

-          Check the seals on doors and windows.  These deteriorate and harden over time, so a quick check over once a year is worthwhile.

-          Check fire alarms / replace batteries.  Fire alarms should be check frequently in any case, but if we happen to have a summer like last year checking your fire alarms before the hot weather hits is a must.

-          Touch up paintwork.  This can be done at any point in the year, but at least in the spring you can have your windows open to air the rooms without worrying about the heat escaping.

-          Clean carpets and flooring.  Generally speaking, winter wreaks havoc on carpeting what with all the fallen leaves, wet weather and muddy grounds.  Spring is the perfect time to give them a clean and freshen up the look of your house.

As always, if we can be any help at all with what your property is worth or ways to make you property more attractive to potential purchasers or tenants please feel free to contact us on 01603 618618.

Information credited to: https://www.familyhandyman.com/smart-homeowner/your-spring-home-maintenance-checklist/

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