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1)      Fix little things.  When living in a property for a long time, it’s easy to overlook the little things than need fixing like a broken door handle, a broken tile, leaking tap etc. fixing these thing will make your property more appealing to a potential purchase or tenants as it will mean less work for them be less for them to do prior to moving into the property.

2)      De-clutter & clean.  Presentation of the property is so important and the tidier the property is, the more appealing it will look in photographs and viewings.

3)      Go for neutral paint.   Neutral paint will create a blank canvas look, which makes it easier for people to envision themselves at a property.  If the property has wall paper, it may be best to get rid of that when selling as wall paper is quite high maintenance and more of a personal taste.  Also, try to remove personal items like family photos if possible whilst trying to keep it feeling like a home.  

4)      Kerb appeal.  A lot of potential purchasers and tenants will do a “drive by” of the property prior to viewing, so if the front of your house doesn’t look the part, they are unlikely to look inside no matter how lovely the interior is.  Make sure to tidy up the garden, clear the pathway and make sure the external paint is looking good.  (for more tips on how to improve the exterior of your property, check out our last blog; http://www.pureestateagency.co.uk/blog/86-spring-time-tips)

5)       Look at your lighting and fixtures.  Obviously, natural lighting is best for property photos and general everyday living, but this isn’t exactly feasible for all properties.  Some properties just don’t bring in as much natural light as others, but updating your fixtures can help this and give the impression of better lighting.  Placement of lamps, style of lamp shades / fixtures, types of curtains and blinds etc. can all help to give the property a much needed lighting boost.

6)      Get the right smells.   The smell of a house can effect a person’s opinion of it, so any bad smells need to be dealt with, whether its food, bins, smoking or pets.  Also certain smells can positively affect someone’s opinion and make the property feel more homely.  It’s obviously not ideal to bake bread ready for every viewing, but incense or scented candles will help.

7)      Trust your agent.  Marketing your property in the best way is their job.  They know how to make your property more appealing and will confirm with you first prior to going ahead with marketing to make sure all information they have is correct. With most high street agents they do not get paid until your sell / let your property, so it’s in their best interest to help you sell / let quickly. 

Obviously a big part of marketing your property is the final point, trusting your agent.  You should always do your research before signing an agency agreement, but you should also trust their expertise as they know the property market best.  Always get more than one opinion on marketing price and always point out the best features of your property; no one will know your home as well as you. 

Here at Pure, we offer free marketing appraisals are able to provide advice and guidance on the realistic price for your property, whether for rent or sale. Whilst this may be the initial stage of the process, it is also one of the most critical. Our priority is to deliver exemplary customer service and to ensure that you receive a bespoke personable experience. Please do contact the office and we will be delighted to book you an appointment time. We are extremely flexible and we will always do our best to work around you.  Feel free to give us a call on 01603 618618.

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