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It is well documented that parents move house just to get into a good school catchment area, in fact one in four according to the Guardian.  Properties close to prestigious or highly rated schools will invariably sell for more than they otherwise would. So, how can we help you to choose the right property near to your desired school. 

New year, new promises to lose weight, exercise more …. BUT don’t forget about your finances! Could they do with a review to see if there are any savings to be had? Have you calculated all your expenditures? and cross referenced with your bank statements to ensure you are not still paying for that Gym membership from last Januarys promise to self?  After all If you are looking for your dream home, making these savings now can not only go towards the purchase but also set you off on the right foot!

Firstly, what is money laundering?
For those without a Netflix subscription and have yet to watch Breaking Bad or Ozark Money laundering is where money or assets obtained illegally are exchanged for ‘clean’ money, i.e. the process of taking the proceeds of criminal activity and making them appear legal.

With only a couple of weeks to go before Christmas it’s time for the obligatory look back at this year’s big property news! So, what happened in 2017?

First Time Buyers - There's been some very BIG NEWS from November’s Budget announcement - Stamp Duty has been abolished for First Time Buyer homes under £300,000. This means a large percentage of Pure’s homes are now FREE of Stamp Duty!

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