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%name grapes Norfolk

Bordeaux, the Hunter Valley, la Rioja, Mendoza - all rightly renowned wine regions of the world, but now we can add ... Surlingham, Norfolk.


You read that right.

Surlingham, Norfolk.

If you've not heard the recent news, let us break it to you.


Unless you've been on Planet Zog for the past 4 months, or not from Norwich, you may have not noticed our huge investment in social media.

Hopefully though you have - one phone call we had last week specifically mentioned our Facebook and Instagram posts as Paul follows us on both.

We don't think Paul is untypical either of the modern property seller, property landlord or buyer.

You see, we're absolutely committed to exemplary customer service and what better way to show our pledge but by posting daily on social media?

The icons are all along the page header - but we thought in this blog, we'd give a summary of why Pure Estate Agency should be your first port of call as seller, buyer, investor or landlord.

Let's start with the phrase most synonymous with Norfolk: the Norfolk Broads.

Based on peat extractions with 122 miles of rivers, the Norfolk Broads is rightly an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Every day, from today onwards, there's a multitude of events at the seventh annual Outdoors Festival.

Here's a few for the next week alone.


Because Pure Estate Agency personally visit your property before listing it for sale or to let, we are in a great position to talk it through with interested parties when they contact us for more details, questions, to arrange a viewing or make an offer.


We can also advise you in person at the valuation stage about pre-marketing work.


Read on …

%name Norwich trams

The diesel car is in its death throes, according to the mainstream media.

Cities are under threat from toxic emissions from cars.

Norwich city centre is polluted by both.

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